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"Camp Connection was excellent in helping me pick the right camp for my boys. They really listened to my needs and took into account my son's personality and found the perfect camp for us. They also continue to follow up with me to make sure everyone is still happy. I highly recommend."

- Julie S.

"Our family recently used the Camp Connection to find the perfect place for our children’s “summer home.” The Camp Connection provided us lots of options to choose from, helped us narrow down the search, and assisted with scheduling camp tours! They took the time to learn about my children’s personalities and interests so that they would have a successful and fun summer. The thought of finding a camp can be overwhelming. The Camp Connection walked us through the process of finding the right camp and our children are truly happy at their “summer home.” Our family highly recommends the Camp Connection to anyone searching for a summer program for their children. Thank you Camp Connection for all your help!!"

- Amy H.

"Camp Connection is the best in the business. They are not just interested in finding your child A camp or program, but the RIGHT camp or program for your child and your family. Camp Connection takes the time to get to know all of its clients and spends time literally pounding the pavement to visit and learn all there is to know about the camps and programs they recommend. Their knowledge really shows and made me confident that they were not just introducing us to camps to quickly make a match, but rather to find a place that our child and our family would connect with now and grow with in the future. Camp Connection encouraged our family to consider a variety of options and matched us with a camp that our child calls home and cannot wait to return to year after year. I cannot recommend this service enough!"
- Jill

"We are so grateful to Melissa and The Camp Connection for being so knowledgable about different camps and campers and for leading us in the right direction. As a first-time “camp” family, we had no idea where to start with choosing a summer camp for our daughter. A friend recommended I call The Camp Connection for guidance. Melissa and I immediately hit it off as I described my daughter’s personality and what we were looking for in a summer program. It was hard for me to relate to the “camp culture” as I had never been to camp myself, but I did my best to explain what I thought she would enjoy. Melissa understood my daughter’s needs and provided us with a list of camps that she thought would fit. We reviewed all the information and with her assistance, narrowed our choices down to a few finalists and eventually chose the perfect camp. The program and the campers are a perfect fit for my daughter and we are happy to say we have found her new summer home for the next few years!"

- Jen F.

"Camp Connection was so thorough in helping my husband and I find a camp that was perfect for our children. The process of working with their team (especially Melissa and Laurel) was seamless. They listened to everything we wanted in a camp and helped us choose the perfect 2nd home for our kids. I can’t speak highly enough about Camp Connection."

- Erica S.


"The Camp Connection was extremely helpful in guiding us through the process of finding the right camp for our two children. They listened to our "must-haves" as well as the overall feel we wanted from a camp and helped us select what has become a true summer home for our kids."
- Karen W.

"Camp Connection provided such wonderful guidance in helping me choose the right camp for both of my children. I worked with Melissa and she took into account all of my kid's qualities and needs. My son will be going into his 3rd summer and my daughter her 2nd. They are both counting down the days till camp starts!"

- Yana K.


"Camp Connection was so helpful and patient when working with my husband and I to find the right camp for our two children. Their advice and suggestions were spot on and my kids are so happy at their summer home! Thank you Camp Connection!"

-Jennifer G.

"When trying to decide the perfect camp for both my kids- Camp Connection was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They talked us through the whole experience- from choosing the right price point to mapping out where to go first- they were the best resource around!"

- Tracee M.

We just wanted to say what an amazing experience we have had with The Camp Connection! We can honestly say that Melissa helped us find the perfect camp for our son! We had our visiting day today and we can't describe how wonderful it was to see how much our child is flourishing in the perfect environment! His sleepaway camp experience has been beyond priceless thus far and he has actually decided to extend another 3 weeks because he loves it so much! We love Iroquois Springs and everything this unbelievable camp stands for! Thank you so much again camp connection for providing Jonah with the perfect match!
- Adam and Samantha U.

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