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Clear Lake

How We Work

  • We are a PERSONALIZED AND FREE ADVISORY SERVICE. We partner with you, the family, and offer unlimited access to our thoughts, our expertise, our knowledge, and resources making your decision-making process a joy and not a burden.

  • We care about your children’s interests and needs!

  • We know choosing a camp can be overwhelming. At The Camp Connection, we are parents too. We understand the importance of selecting a nurturing summer environment that is right for you and your children.

  • A large part of our summer is spent traveling, visiting programs in action and meeting with directors, obtaining the latest in changes, additions, and upgrades. We share our knowledge with you, with one goal in mind, and that is assisting you in the selection of your child’s "home away from home".

  • Camp is all about EXPERIENCES! These experiences lead to:

    • the development of independence

    • the fostering of new friendships

    • creating the skills to have the confidence to resolve issues

  • Your interests, desires, and concerns are put into 'the mix’ of our providing wonderful options to consider for your child.

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